Frequently Asked Questions

Do ya love me??? then read these frequently asked questions and answers before emailing me w/ questions^^ i love ya. but i'm a lazy butt and i don't have time

How do you get all of your Pictures???
First I download .avi files of Prince of Tennis from this site. Second i look for a picture that I liked within the episode i downloaded and when i do, i pause it. After that, i use a screen capturing program to capture my whole screen. Then in Photoshop I crop the picture so that only my picture is left....and VOILA! my awesome pic....well, not mine, but still...
Can i use your pictures on my website?
Of course u can!!!! it's not like i drew these pictures, so technically they are not mine. But it would be nice if u would link to me ^^ email me ur site so i can link u too ^^ awesome huh?
What program did you use to get your screen caps?
I used Screen Grabber which u can download form where else but^^ but But for some reason, i can only get pics if I'm lucky....sometimes it works and sometimes in doesn't...that's why u don't see as many pics on this site that i would like but it's ok ^^ one day I'll get the screen cappin' rollin again and then u'll love meeeeeeeeeeeeee <3
What does phrase "mada mada dane" mean?
"mada mada dane" could mean different things depending on the situation. It could mean “no, not yet” or “it’s not finished yet” I guess u just have to think logically to see how the phrase would make sense in a given situation
What episode do u get ur chibi pics from?
i think it's episode 76, or near there, but i can't be for certain because i'm lending my episodes to friends and it's been...maybe a year since i last had them, lol. haha so i can't really check