Welcome to my Prince of Tennis Gallery. Here you will find screen caps of some of your favorite episodes of The Prince ofTennis

Prince of tennis is about what?  An awesome tennis player of course!  The main character's name is Ryouma Echizen who is in 7th grade and is an amazing tennis player. this anime is basically about him and his tennis team and their stuff they go through to become national champs.<

If you want to make your own wonderful site for Prince of Tennis you can use my pics, but please give me some credit! even though i didn't draw any of the pics i did screen capture them and it took me a whole long time to figure out how do that, so could ya please???  i'll link ya if you do! wouldn't that be special?


September 20, 2006: Well, it's been over 2 years since i've updated this site. Truthfully i thought i would never update this ever again becuase i lacked the passion i had for Prince of Tennis long ago. But this site still has my name on it so i don't want this site to suck toooo bad. So i have remade the layout. I know, it still sucks, but it's better than it was before.

Update July 23, 2004: haha, 7 months have pasts since the last update, my junior year was the worst year of my life due to personal problems that i'm sure u don't want to know about. But anyways, i still can't figure out my screen grabber, it's sucky, hey, that's life, BUT the wonderful Dianna Hu has let me use the pictures that she captured from episode 115. so hopefully soon i'll be able to put those up, there's a of them so get ready! i aslo have new link, so check it out in the links page, and 2 new faqs, that's it for now, i hope to write again soon! peace out! o_0 lol....

Update January 09, 2004:  Wow...it's been like...2-3 months since i updated hasn't it? my life had been very hectic so....yeah, i had to deal w/ bunched and bunches of craaaap. but it's ok now A new semester is beginning and i'm good now...hopefully...i have new wallpapers for u! and a Frequently Asked Questions page cuz a lot ya'll wanna know the same thing and even though i luv ya, i'm a lazy butt and don't like to click reply buttons all that often (depends on my mood) and i really haven't felt like doing that right now..i know, i suck, right now there are only three questions ppl ask me but if u have any others u can email me and i'll try my best to reply^^

Update October 23, 2003:  4 new wallpapers by aya onizuka!!!! i still can't find a good screen capturer so it's STILL gonna be a while till new screen caps come up. that's why i need YOU to send in your lovely fanart and wallpapers and anything else by YOU, to make this lil site grow into a better site for ya'll to visit^^  oh yeah. lot's of ppl ask me what kind of screen capturer i used. so i'll tell everyone I USED SCREEN GRABBER!!!!!!!!  So you can stop asking now ^^

Update September 8, 2003: wow..it's been a while since i updated!  sorry about that...i had lots of school and stuff...oh well.  i still can't find a good screen capturer thingi so if anyone knows of a good one, PLEAS LET ME KNOW!!! buy anyways, i have  2 new wallpapers for ya'll...one by me (ugly) and another one bye Vivian chu! (pretty) ^^ i also have 2 links for you too!!! one is LOREian Valley, and another is to my personal site ^^ please go to both, it would make me so happy if you did!!!

Update august 1, 2003: ok...the comment was a bad idea...it's not like anything went wrong, it's just that...you can't send me pics right? so...i guess emailing me is the best way to go.....*sigh*

Update july 29, 2003: Hey you guys...Screen Grabber isn't working for me so it might be a while until more screencaps will be up..SORRY!!! so...if you want me to update...SEND ME SOME STUFF!!! preferably fanart and wallpapers. ^^ hehe. yeah..so i guess that's it...PLEASE SEND FANART!!!! oh yeah, and i also make a page so that you can send me your comments....no viruses please ^^

Update july 7, 2003: Another new link!!! Go and check it out here

Update june 30, 2003: Hey everyone! welcome! new layout you guys! wow! guess what you guys, anipike deleted my website again! haha! ^_~ i find that funny...it's amazing how they can find broken links so easily...they also added my old site at fortunecity to their list, isn't that weird? i didn't even submit it! it's soooooo odd!  when i had my old layout, they looked almost identical, so couldn't they tell? plus, all the links have the same stuff...if they could find my broken link that was only broken for a little while...i think should have realized that they had two of my sites...but hey, it doesn't really matter to me...it's not like i care at all!!! haha...oh well.

Update June 24, 2003:  2 new links!

Update June 22, 2003:  I turned 16 yesterday!! yahoo!!!  And to celebrate i made areally ugly wallpaper! yay! ^_^

Update May 29 2003: I finally have a new server so i can put up more pics now! yay!  i have more chibi pics so check 'em out!

Update March 10,2003: i had gone over my bandwidth...very quickly this month and i've also gone over with my mbs...so i had to delete some stuff...for now...don't worry...i'm gonna find a new server!

Update March 9, 2003, sadly my daily updating went away fast but the wonderful baka chen gave me some new oekaki fanart pictures!

Update March 6, 2003:  WOW! Three days in a row i have updated!!! isn't this exciting???  New fanart section!!! i was meaning to draw some fanart...but i never got around to it, but this wonderful person named sarah sent me a wonderful picture of Ryoma, so ya guys have to go see it!

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Update December 18, 2002:  Wow ppl! my first update! pretty sad since i made this site so long ago...and this isn't really an update...but anywaze, i just wanted to ask ya'll to send in some fanart pics!!! it would be really nice of you guys if you did!  I know there are some awesome artists out there, so come and donate fanart :)